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As one of the largest physician organizations in Michigan, POWM leads the way in promoting the independence of physicians.
About POWM
As an influential force in shaping the delivery of health care in West Michigan, POWM is an organization that allows physicians to speak with a single voice on issues affecting quality of care, patient access, and medical reimbursement. Since 1986, our mission has been to further the preservation of physician decision making, the networking of ideas and relationships, the gathering of healthcare information and the economic viability of the provider community for physicians' to become the best champions for their patients’ welfare.
Practice Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Group Purchasing
  • Visioning
  • Nurse Education
  • Real Estate Planning and Development
  • Incentive Program Management
Service Coordination
  • ACO
  • MiPCT
  • Meaningful Use
  • ABC Affordable Basic Care
  • Managed Care Contacting HMOs/Risk Groups
  • Physicians Care ASR Participation

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Our Team
At POWM, we are proud to have a successful executive team here to support you! From data anlysis to quality services specialists, we have the staff you can rely on. We are proud to offer support for both the big picture and day-to-day activities to practice transformations.
Cherie Nyhuis, RN, BSN, MSM
Executive Director
 Antionette Henry
Credentialing, Data, and Operation Specialist
Grace Calderon
Operations Manager
Karen Paradiso
Chair, Practice Administrator and Manager Committee
Ron Zant

Physician Mgmt. Partners

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